• Do you need to read people more effectively?

  • Do you need to influence important outcomes in a timely manner?

  • Do you need to breakdown communication barriers to get the job done?

According to The Dale Carnegie Foundation, “85% of your social and financial success in life is determined by your social and communication skills”. It’s a big call, but even if it was only half this amount, what’s at risk from the wrong words, offered in the wrong way, at the wrong time… inadvertently?

So motivation matters. Why? Because great communicators understand people: what makes them tick, what ticks them off and why it all matters.

The world is getting smaller, the tasks bigger and the time to get them done, shorter. We need to collaborate now more than ever. We need to build relationships and trust in record time. We need to think differently and pay attention to others in new ways. And sometimes we need a little help to get there quicker.

Why work it all out yourself when we have spent years obsessing about this very thing? We can help you or your organisation improve communication skills, get better results in less time and build stronger, more lasting relationships.

Explore our site, and get in touch if our services hit the spot for you. We welcome the opportunity to do some great work together.


Anneli Blundell

Professional People Whisperer
Keen runner
Skilled parallel parker